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Online Metaverse school

would you send your kids to this metaverse school ? where pupils don’t just learn about planets they play with them? okay that Saturn is and they don’t just read about Hearts .

they enter them and you can see the flow of blood through it and you can understand the chambers and the boxes literally walk through a heart reddam house school in England is trialling teaching children in the metaverse using VR headsets to dive deeper into the subjects.

they’re studying we’ve used virtual reality across every subject as part of our pilot for virtual reality some of the most impressive things we can do are science experiments that would otherwise be impossible or too dangerous to do in a classroom saskia and Alex are metaverse students.

have been taking part in subjects from science to history art and geography it’s really cool how I got to kind of put the heart in a different place because if you’re in a because in a normal classroom.

if I went up to a human heart I wouldn’t go anywhere near it but in the Met of us in the classrooms it’s like you’re not holding anything but you actually are because the digital version of reddam house school is a virtual location the lessons are accessible for students anywhere in the world.

the metaverse school is being developed by inspired education group Nathan O’Grady is Project Lead but we can also use it in subjects like geography to have an instantaneous field trip anywhere in the world we’ve used it in history to go back in time experience things like World War .

II from the ground and understand what those atmospheres were like we were doing a space topic and that was perfect so we learned about the solar system planets what’s a star.

what’s a satellite that’s a good setting the retention is fantastic once they’ve seen something they’ll remember it and there’s a deeper understanding because they can manipulate an object they can see it from all sides .

they can see how it works they can see the function and so they really get a deeper better understanding we’re here in front of the incredible building at reading house Berkshire the school that’s been used as the inspiration for inspired education to create their metaverse school .

the metaverse school is a digital twin an exact copy of this building in virtual reality that brings together students from all around the world to be taught in virtual reality so 84 different schools in 24 different countries .

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