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Online school for computer technology

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assalamualaikum my YouTube family hope you find today our discussion topic is online school for computer technology there are several online schools that offer programs in computer technology .

here are some options University of Phoenix Southern New Hampshire University Institute of Technology thank you Coursera audacity these are just a few examples of online schools that offer computer technology program .

it’s important to research and compare different programs to find the one that best fits your needs budget and career goals now we discuss online software engineering certainly here are some additional online schools that offer programs in software engineering .

Arizona State University full stack Academy University of Texas at Austin Purdue University Georgia Tech believe you University it’s important to thoroughly research and compare different online software engineering program to find the one at Best mutes your need budget and carrier goals.

today just 29 of tech workers are women and just eight percent are Hispanic that’s an opportunity Gap too far from reality advancing .

how we work today is how we win tomorrow ?closing the Gap starts with your talent at DeVry our Scholars programs aim to help underrepresented communities pursue Tech careers with over 7 000 Scholars accepted since 2021. you are the Future Let’s close the opportunity Gap together DeVry advancing ambition.

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