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UMF Bachelor’s in Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education

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UMF Bachelor's in Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education

It’s always been about helping children become the best versions of themselves and it’s fulfilling and it’s meaningful and coming to work every day and seeing smiles and getting hugs is that brings me joy too.

so early childhood education includes the age bands of birth through eight and within those age bands students can choose to focus on those different age groups students also can get certified to work within those different age groups too.

some students decide to get a birth through five certification others decide to get a pre-k through third grade certification to teach in public schools Early Childhood special education focuses mainly on birth through age five and students learn all the different ways that they can support .

work with children with disabilities and their families my bachelor’s degree at umf that I received has helped me EduCare tremendously I actually did two practicums right here at EduCare as a part of my schooling so I was exposed to the building and the work .

that they do in the community and just with the kids in general as well as the families and it really set me up for success and made me want to be here .

working with small children as well as just being EduCare in general I think that just the Hands-On experiences that umf professors really engaged us with it’s more authentic right.

we’re not just writing papers we’re not just doing busy work we’re actually engaging in activities that we can Implement in the classroom the umf requires more hours in the field is what we call it working with children in a variety of settings than any other campus in the system .

New England we believe that the more experience you get the better you’re going to be when you graduate we host many students every semester and oftentimes we end up hiring them because you know we’re able to see who they are in a classroom while they’re doing student teaching .

if this is a great fit for them everybody is hiring for Early Childhood Educators right now there is such a need for preschool teachers for especially infant toddler teachers as well.

we need qualified people to be coming into the workforce and staying in order I’ve often heard from different principles and superintendents that I run into and having lived here for 22 years.

I I know a lot of these people I’ve just heard this unsolicited I get a lot of applications to fill a teaching position and I just pull out the graduates of Farmington first which is just pull them out first and that says to me that they know that .

Farmington produces good Educators I’m a supervising teacher at EduCare Central Maine . I am an early childhood education supervisor at EduCare Central Maine I am education manager at EduCare Central Maine I am a professor of early childhood education and early childhood special education I work at the University of Maine at Farmington.

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