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Free online one year masters degree

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Free online one year masters degree

hello welcome to my blog again this is a blog that inform you there is a channel that brings information to you to your duster information about free education free online education .

it is not necessarily you go to that particular region or Province or country to study but I always bring you article so that you’ll be able to work in your country at the same time .

uh School attend lectures online and do all my thing you want to do at yourself X so today I’m bringing one for masters degree so if you have achieved from your social institution a bachelor’s degree or Bachelors of Art our Bachelors of Science from this institution .

you can go ahead to apply to study your Masters it does not depend where you get your bachelor’s degree whether in your home country or in a foreign land does not matter this is a free master’s degree online some take one year some take two years some tech even six years you are going to see .

that is master’s degree so the end on your area of discipline so let us open our Google browser or any browser of your choice that you are having as you can see I’ve opened my Google Chrome and then I will type in this link and go here it’s easy this is a university the University of Edinburgh the University of Edinburgh this is the inverse.

I’m talking about so once you re-share or once you get here since you are looking for online Master’s program you come to your far right and click on online once you click on online you click on search button the search button here click on it foreign so we have to wait for it to give us the information we need we are here all right once you are here you can navigate you can scroll down uh scroll down these are the online you can see.

there these are the courses you scroll down you see all the courses online all of them that are displayed here are online courses you’re sitting for my Advanced clinical practice online you can see all the awarding degrees advanced nursing online .

I see just like that you see maybe there for instance yours could be like a maybe under the fear of technology maybe let us pick this one.

I want to study data and artificial intelligence ethics that is online learning is it master’s degree or postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma okay I’ll click here or can click online once I click it to display this information you need to know there is a full-time part-time part-time intermittent study .

so online learning funding opportunities so where you want to go or I want you to go is here so Honda MSC data and artificial intelligent ethics is one year you see just like I told you before Master data and this this one is two years Master data attribution intelligent this is three years right now.

I will select my date it starts September eleven 2023 the moment I click this date if I want to study for only one year I will pick my date if I want to study for two years I will pay stay the same day but no there is two years to pick but for this one .

it’s full time then this one this particular one is Fusion online this one Fusion online three years part time so for this one full time still online right now I’ll click on apply once I’ve got into this point you can see now take your time to read all the informations here .

all the information available here welcome to the University of edinbox online application service owner this everything is online then starting your application you read you do not have to complete your application in one section so you continue reading after that .

you have done that what you need to do is to click on continue right so let us wait to process once you have got into this place you feel all your information right the four names that is your first name your surname your father’s name then.

which is called your last name then little bit and all that you feel all this information and then you click on proceed until you complete your application and then submit so this video is not going to be a large video I just bring this information to you .

so that you can quickly apply you can see the semester will Begin by 11th of September but I’ll be able to apply and do honor of things and then start your studies .

so if you have your bachelor’s degree please you can go ahead and apply right for this course for this particular school there is no online undergraduate I mean online bachelor’s degree is Us online master’s degree .

we have you understand all right take good care of yourself I will leave you here to search information if this information was informative for you please just share if you are and you visited this blog and also you can comments if you have any questions I’m going to answer you right thank you and bye bye thank you!

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