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Earn Your Degree in Computer Science Online

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Earn Your Degree in Computer Science Online

Technology is our future. If you look at how jobs are being created in the United States, it turns out that having a couple of years of computer science is becoming an essential skill.

Computing is really about how to go after problems, how solve problems. (upbeat music) – How do you look at the world, how do you look at these giant problems that we have, break ’em into smaller parts, figure out how to solve those parts, and then reassemble it back together?

It’s a way of thinking, and often people take that term, and they look more in the mathematical sense, but it’s not really that sense. (upbeat music continues) It’s more in the term of using logic, and philosophy, and saying, “How are we gonna solve these problems that we have using that technology?” –

In computer science at CSU, we are extremely proud of our online program. It’s historically rated one of the top 15 or 20 in the United States.

When you’ve finished the degree, you have an extraordinarily valuable job skill. Our students are the highest-paid students graduating from the university,

so we have a fair bit of support, and we try our best to make sure that the online experience, while different, contains the same content, and the same quality of learning as our on-campus program.

We emphasize heavily about the community aspect behind programming, and the idea of someone sitting there and programming in a cubicle by themself is false.

It only actually happens about 25% of the time, but then about 50% of the time, you’re actually working in what is known as paired programming.

Working with partners and getting to understand each other, and helping each other with code. They’re entrepreneurs, they’re innovators, they’re people that are not only looking for a job,

but looking at a way to make change, and they wanna change the world by means of technology. (upbeat music continues) – [Announcer] If you share our passion for computer science and want to take the next step in your education, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I don’t think that this is something I would have been able to do otherwise I see kids walking by us in the commment and they’re like what class is this what do.

I have to do to take this how where how can I get this and I think that that’s something that is Meaningful too is to to drive the excitement and to get the interest of other kids .

I think that this program will continue to grow and I will continue to be able to reach more and more students has this grows in popularity everybody was just really excited to touch a drone and fly a drone and everything it’s a great opportunity .

I’m sure everyone’s excited to be able to use it in the future and have a job potentially later in life I think it’s a cool way to like try new stuff and give us opportunities and you know make school a little more interesting.

I I’m super hyped to be honest you know this is this is just going to be really cool whether this becomes an actual career or just something on the side I think it is going to be really fun .

when I found out I got the Grant I was in my classroom and I was like about crying and the kids were like what’s going on I was like .

I just received this grant for this program and they clapped and cheered for me because they were so excited about it and I just have the support of these kids and it makes me very excited that I’m able to do this for them um it’s yeah and they’re just as excited as I am and it really is making a huge impact on these kids .

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