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How to get bachelors degree in 5 months

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How to get bachelors degree in 5 months

I got my bachelor’s degree in cyber security and information assurance yes sir in five months and 10 days and I’m sure a lot of you clicked on this video kind of skeptical kind of wondering like how is that possible like this guy is probably lying you.

know college degrees they take anywhere from four to maybe five years you know so how is that possible and I’m about to basically break down everything everything right here in this video so stay tuned I’m gonna put you guys on game .

so how I was able to do this is by going to a particular school called Western Governors University now I had gone to college both forehand back in 2019 because I graduated high school around June 2019 and then around August September of that same year that’s when I started college and I went to the school school called Montgomery College.

I went there for about a year or so before I actually ultimately dropped out I remember dropping out the following year in 2020 around the pandemic era and when we had like covet and everything had basically you know transitioned to online schooling right I would say the reason .

why I dropped out at the time was because you know back then I didn’t really know what I wanted to pursue I remember correctly I switched my major multiple times I think like five or six times I had switched my major from like a business degree to like a video production degree to somewhere else like I was all over the place you know I didn’t really know .

where I wanted to go and you know the prom that you faced with you know constantly switching your major is that you have to take new classes that correspond with that new degree program and eventually kind of like started to feel kind of like I was wasting time like I wasn’t really getting anywhere because you know some of my peers who I had started school with like they were already kind of like going on ahead getting a lot of credits.,

I was still behind way behind in credit because I was very indecisive yeah so in 2020 when we had online school that’s when I dropped out I think I remember I was sitting in like an accounting class and I don’t know I was just kind of like fed up with school like my mindset wasn’t Geared for school at the time so I remember one day spur the moment I just dropped all my classes just randomly and then I just never applied for new ones like since that time so fast forward to 2022 I knew I wanted to get into the tech industry but I didn’t know exactly where .

I wanted to get into so I was kind of trying different things out I had tried coding you know I was like maybe I should become a software engineer I was practicing some basic HTML CSS JavaScript I wanted to become a UI ux designer like I was just trying all different kinds of things but um .

I would say that what really stuck out the most to me was cyber security and the way that I I didn’t know too much about cyber security at the time but the way I came to find out about it was via Tick Tock because I remember one day I was just scrolling mindlessly as most people do on Tick Tock and I stumbled across like this our guys video he was responding to like a question in The Tick Tock and the guy was basically asking him about what he does in cyber security and he was basically saying how he breaks into things things like he hacks into organizations for money.

I had never heard of anything like that before you know so I was kind of curious so then I started watching more of his videos he would talk about cyber security and it just seems so interesting I came to find out later on that his job is something that is known as a penetration tester or like an ethical hacker where you kind of just like hack into an organization Network for money I guess like how he said that’s like the simple way of saying it but it’s way more complex than that but I just found it very interesting and I really wanted to know more like I really wanted to know like .

how this guy got into that because I think in one of the videos he had mentioned he was like 22. I was 21 at the time I was like man we’re the same age like how did he do this so I happened to come across this one video that he had made where he basically talked about how he got into cyber security if you want a six-figure cyber security job working 100 remotely from home I suggest you look up the school called Western Governors University this school is 100 online at your own pace and I got my masters and my bachelor’s degree all in eight months while you’re going to the school you’re going to get a ton of I.T certificates for free .

actually if you were to go out and buy all these certificates yourself you’d pay about as much as the school costs the school it’s non-profit since you’re earning certificates while you’re progressing through the coursework and the degree you’re actually going to be able to land a job before you fully graduate for example .

I was making over six figures before I even graduated college school is going to give you all the foundational knowledge that you need to land an entry-level job which a lot of entry level jobs actually pay six figures or very near so uh hit the follow button to learn more you said that .

he went to a school called Western Governors University he got his bachelor’s and master’s degree in about eight months and he said even before he graduated he was able to land a cyber security role because the school as a part of the degree program offered him certifications.

so he got a few certifications and then he said he was mass applying to different jobs and then eventually something just hit and then he got his first job like while he was still in school so after watching that I was like damn I am like huh how is that possible how is it possible to get a degree that fast a bachelor’s and a master’s degree like that quick like like I was kind of skeptical I’m not even gonna lie.

I was kind of skeptical like I kind of thought like he might have been lying but at the same time I still was excited you know I still kind of wanted to give it a chance so you know I followed a guy and he actually had followed me back so I use that as an opportunity to DM him and then ask him questions you know about what he does but then about the school as well and he was saying yeah man like it’s legit did I was able to do that,

I was able to get in cyber security and you can too so after having that conversation with him I decided to do my own research my own due diligence and I went to go look into the school basically I went on to the website um and I started looking at the different programs that they had I seen they had different I.T programs but they also had specifically a cyber security degree so I was looking into it I seen that the program like the guy said offered quite a bit of uh I.T like related certifications like as a part of the degree program they offered like the CompTIA certifications CompTIA A Plus network plus Security Plus cysa pentez plus .

then like some other different kind of like vendor certifications um so I was like wow like that’s kind of crazy but I wasn’t fully I wasn’t fully there yet so I needed a bit of like social like confirmation so I started watching videos on YouTube of people who had gone to the school maybe not necessarily for cyber security but for other degrees and their experience and I kept on seeing a lot of good things I kept on seeing people saying like it’s it’s accredited it’s online it’s self-paced uh you can you know finish it at your own time .

they operate on this Foundation of competency-based learning and things of that nature so I was like okay okay then I I guess it it might be legit like it might be legit you know and what I mean in regards to competency-based learning is actually I’m gonna go on their website and I’m going to read it here on my phone .

so it says here what is competency-based education simply put a measure skills and learning rather than time spent in a classroom students progress through courses as soon as they can prove they Master the material rather than advancing only when their semester or term ends .

if you can learn faster and spend more time on schoolwork or lean on knowledge you already have from previous work or school experience you can accelerate through your courses essentially what that means is that you are able to accelerate very quickly within the program because the way that they structure their school it’s not like normal University where you are stuck in a few classes for a few months.

basically each class has one exam they call it objective assessment OA or one paper basically or I can’t find out you know some classes had both but most classes have either one or the other they give you some material to basically study and then once you go you know take your time to like study for that material this and that and you take that objective assessment or or you follow some sort of rubric and then you write uh the paper and you pass either one the class is done there’s no quizzes there’s no homework there’s no projects there’s not like random busy work or whatever .

it may be like that’s literally it so that’s how you are able to move forward you know and there’s no limit to how many classes that you can take in a six month slot that they give you which is considered one term so let’s say you can’t finish all those classes within that first six months you go into another six months which is considered another term .

then if you can’t finish in that time then another six months so on and so forth but the certifications that they offer you kind of operate a bit differently these are not certifications like from the school themselves these are external like vendor certifications so how it works is that they’ll give you a voucher to go take a certain certification like a CompTIA a plus you use that voucher you go to a website called Pearson VUE and you can set up to take the test uh via like their platform their software like you download it on your computer .

You take it at home or you can go to an actual physical testing center and take the test which is what I did a lot of times um so I guess if you think about it that kind of defeats the purpose of it being online the school being online but um yeah you go take the test and then you pass or you fail the test and then the results get transferred back to WGU right .

so if you pass then the class that corresponds with that certification is considered done it’s considered past but if you fail then you have to work with like the teacher for that class or course instructor to you know do more practice he’ll probably give you some material to study and then when he feels like you’re ready then that’s when he’ll give you another voucher and then you’re able to take the test at a later date .

so I came to understand how the guy was able to you know finish very quickly because he must have been putting in a lot of hours uh for each class complaining them just knocking them out like one by one and I guess it’s kind of funny because you know I had dropped out of college previously and my mindset was kind of that of yeah I’m probably never going back to school to be honest but this seemed like too good of an opportunity not to do you know.

if I was able to essentially accelerate through the program and finish my degree quick like I could lessen the amount of time that I’m in school because I’m not really that much of a school person if I’m being honest and I could actually get into a career just the thought of that like it made me really excited I didn’t know.

if I could actually finish the degree that quick but I kinda believed that I could so I ended up telling my parents about the school and just like how I was you know they were a bit skeptical they hadn’t heard of anything like this before either so they took some time to do their own research search as I did and then eventually like they seemed that it was it was legit like the school was accredited the school was legit it’s real it’s online it’s self-paced it’s it’s just unorthodox if that makes sense and I told them I really want to do this and they’re like okay so then eventually .

I enrolled so I started August 1st and I ended January 10th so that’s five months and ten days like I said in the beginning of the video I only came in with about three classes from my previous college worth of credits and then the Google It support certificate cert um I had to get that because they have a requirement that you either have to have like it if it’s like an I.T related degree or cyber security degree you have to have some sort of I.T experience for at least a year .

if you don’t you have to get this uh certificate so I went out to go get that certificate it didn’t take too long I got that and then I had my three classes worth of credits and that’s it so it’s not like I came in with like a lot of credits like I had a lot of work to do so it was really just a lot of grit you know it was hard you know I’m not gonna like just sit here and act like it was easy it was definitely hard I was studying anywhere from four to eight hours every single day even on the weekends you know it was it was pretty draining it was pretty stressful definitely a stressful time in my life .

I just I knew I had to make it happen you know and I guess I’m fortunate because you know I live with my parents right I’m young so I didn’t really have to have a job you know I didn’t really have anything else that I was doing any other like crazy responsibility so this is really all I was doing this is all I was doing all day.

so I guess that adds to why I was able to finish so quickly and now I got a degree in about eight certifications so uh what I’ve been doing as of late is just Mass applying to different entry level cyber security rules seeing if I can land one I actually have an interview on Monday so I’m very excited for that but also I’ve been doing more practice I’ve been using certain websites like uh try hack me or the software Cisco Packet Tracer to kind of like practice some security Concepts or networking in a practical sense instead of just you know learning theory.

Because I feel like that’s important as well doing some home labs and uh yeah that’s that’s what I did to get my bachelor’s degree in five months if you want to do the same thing the school is called Western Governors University if you put in time you can definitely finish Fast in one term like how I did uh but even.

if you can if you need like another term another six months or another another six months it’s fine you know go at your own pace it’s still faster than a four year oh and last but not least I forgot to mention that it’s 4 000 every six months .

if you’re completing six months you only pay four thousand for a degree if you do two terms then it’s another 4K so 8K if you do three terms and it’s 12 but hey I mean it’s still cheaper .

if you think about it than a lot of schools and also you do need a webcam because all exams are objective assessments as they call them uh are proctored the WG ones and the certification ones if you take it at home then yeah you need a webcam but if you go to the testing center of course like they’re watching you so like yeah that’s about it you know um yeah Danny again signing.

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