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 Best Online University For Free 2024

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 Best Online University For Free 2024

If you people are thinking of doing degree at this time, whether it is UG degree or PG degree, then you people MUST read this Article till the last, in the last of this video, I am going to tell you about a free platform.

It is being seen very helpful for the students, so see whenever we think of doing any degree, there are many questions in the mind of the student that after doing this degree, will I be able to get the return of investment or not?

Because if we talk about India, then Students do degrees ranging from 5 lakh to 20 lakh rupees, for the B.Tech, M.tech. So, will we be able to get the return of investment after paying such a high fee, is the location of the college a good location or not?

How’s the placement, how is the student’s rating, how will he get the degree, many such questions remain in the mind of the students, is it useful or not to do the degree in today’s time, so this morning I will answer all these questions I am going to answer for you guys, if you guys like any video, do like it, share this video with your friends, whoever is confused about the degree at this time, then see after Covid, if we talk about the situation.

situation has changed a lot, earlier what used to happen that students used to go towards offline degree, used to check college, even if there was no admission in any good college, they took admission in any college and took degree, after that when children could not get the job. This is the main concern that many children used to go to the job only after 12th.

Because when they went to study, the fees for the degree were so high but since some time there is a different option for you i.e online degrees.

Online degree provides value almost to you, which provides offline degree and you can get online degree cheaply, if we talk about MBA degree, then online degree costs you 1/4th in comparison to offline degree .

With this, you can put an idea where you were spending 20 lakh rupees for a degree, there you will be reduced in thousands and you will also get a MBA degree. If we talk about recognition, there are many recognitions.

Children get everything in online degree and this option is very good for those children who are doing something in part time, which is not from so stable family financially, only after you want to do it, you people go towards online degree.

You can also UG degree online, you can also do PG degree online, now the question comes in mind that from where you can do it because you will get to see so many fake universities on Google if you search today .

YouTube will also give you a lot of fake videos, so many of us children remain confused, for that I tell you a free platform, which will help you completely, from college until you got your placement and For this, that platform will not charge any money from you, absolutely free of cost, you can know that you can compare online degree, the name of the platform is College Vidya, where you can compare 100 + top online universities .

Within 2 minutes in just a single click, you can know which university is best for you, which university has good placement, how much is the fee, how much is the student’s opinion, everything you will find on this platform, the link of this platform I will give you the video in the description box here when you visit this platform you will get to see courses like BCA online degree, BTech, BTech after diploma, BCom besides this you will also get degrees like online ba, distance ba, Executive BA, Global BA, MCA, MCom, M.Tech you can compare around 21 universities for online MBA and till now about 89000 students have trusted on this platform This is the platform where you get genuine information for free of cost.

Here on this platform you can do a free of cost comparison of universities and know which university you want without any other hurdles. It is best for you here, as we want to know about online MBA, we will click on this, a form will come in front of you, a basic form, you will fill it, after that you will click on Find Best Universities click and some basic questions are asked, on the basis of these you can suggest Which university is best for you in online degree, like you are currently working or not, how many hours you can see the study, how much is your budget, what is the highest qualification for you,

What matters the most, whether the course is good, whether the university is good or if the fees are less, then if you question in this way, then these universities will suggest you, you can see online like Manipal University, they have suggested LPU University, now here Different student ratings will be visible, student’s choice will be visible, which approvals they have with the university, UGC approval, aicte approval, which approvals are there, you will also see them here.

You can also compare three universities , like online Manipal University is going well, LPU is going well or Chandigarh University is going best, then here is the option of add to compare, we will click on it here. We can compare three universities together, when you click, you will see the benefits of all three universities and whatever comparison is there, now you can see, first of all, here the degree which you can do online You will get this type of degree from Chandigarh University , you will get this type of degree from Jain University and you will get this type of degree from LPU University.

The lowest fees in Chandigarh University is 17000 per semester, Then in Jain University for 75000 and here in LPU it is 34000 for semester, apart from this, you will also see the approvals, how much eligibility you should have, this is mentioned, what is the syllabus, that too It is mentioned which placement company does this college, it is also mentioned, how much duration, it is also mentioned, it is distance, it is in online mode, in which way your exam will be conducted, everything is mentioned here in detail, now whatever you people The university is going well, you have seen the details etc.

Here you can click on the university directly, now you can proceed to the university on their website, as we have come to the LPU website and directly you can go to the official website.

You can register at LPU on the platform, in this way the counselors of college vidya will also connect with you, here are some phone numbers on their website, you can connect with them or here You can also book people for export advice through video call , people can connect with their mentor through video call, which will give you a complete guide, as well as you will also have the option of no-cost emi.

It is provided that children do not face financial issues, for children who are not financially stable, the option of no cost EMI is also given in these degrees, with the help of which you can complete your degree comfortably, another best feature which is I have felt that their platform is suggest me in two minutes, here in 2 minutes you will know which degree is best for you,

this is the best feature in which you will first suggest which degree you want to do answer some basic questions they will suggest you the degree according to comparison whatever you answer this, you will be taken to degree comparison, now you will be able to see which degree is best for you, so in this way you have to take advantage of this platform,

Also you or your family is thinking of doing any online degree, then you can tell them for this platform, in which you can know free of cost, which degree is best for you, then in this way you Have to take advantage of this video. Thank you for watching

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