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Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2024

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Online Bachelor's Degrees in 2024

if you’re interested in going to college online today i’m going to break down 15 of the very easiest online bachelor’s degrees that you can earn every single one of these bachelor’s degrees that i’m going to discuss can be earned in less than one year yes.

i’m talking entire four-year college degrees that can be earned in less than one years if you’d like a breakdown of all 15 of those very very easy bachelor’s degrees stay tuned .

hi i’m sonu swait and i used to be a two-time college dropout making just 12 bucks an hour then i learned how to hack college and earned an entire bachelor’s degree in nine months flat subscribe to my channel and i’ll show you how all right so like i said i’m going to break down the 15 in my opinion .

the 15 easiest bachelor’s degrees that you can earn all these degrees can be earned in less than one year what i’m going to do is i’m going to give you my entire list break it down for you and then i’m going to tell you exactly how to earn each of these degrees in less than one year .

now i’ve done ranked lists before where i go one two three four five and so on in this video i’m talking about degrees in different fields of study so it is a little bit hard to rank them rank them i mean one easier than the other because everyone’s got different strengths some people are better at math some people are better at science some people are better at business .

so i’m going to just give you each of these 15 degrees and then you can see what’s going to be a good fit for you so let’s jump over to my computer and i will break down the each of these bachelor’s degrees and you can decide if any of these will be a good fit for you.

so the first one i want to talk about is i’m going to go into some business degrees in my opinion business degrees are some of the very easiest college degrees to earn and especially to accelerate so if you’re wanting to earn a college degree way faster and you’re interested in some type of career in business these degrees should be fairly simple and fairly easy for you.

now the first one i’m going to talk about is the easiest one business management it’s just like your basic core business degree if you don’t know of a specific niche that you want to go into in the business field a business management degree can open a lot of different doors for you and you can earn these degrees really really quickly next i’m going to talk about human resources .

if you don’t know what human resources are ever most big companies have what’s called an hr department or a human resources department and what hr does or human resources does is they’re generally in charge of hiring people firing people training employees and oftentimes in charge of payroll and making sure employees get their paychecks.

so if that’s stuff that’s interesting to you there are always going to be hr jobs available because there are lots of big companies now.

if you’re interested in working for smaller companies a lot of smaller companies don’t have hr departments because they’re run by lots of employees that are kind of the jack of all trade type employees who multi-task right but in these big big companies there’s usually specific employees just for the hr tasks and stuff like that so that’s hr for you it’s a really easy degree to earn now the next degree i want to talk about is an advertising or.

a marketing degree if you’re interested in advertising or marketing though that field’s pretty self-explanatory it’s a really really easy degree to earn this is actually the degree that i earned myself and i earned my entire marketing degree in nine months flat so if you’re interested in those fields really really good degree to earn and can i guess lead to a really really good career because advertising and marketing it’s something you that’s going to be around forever and ever right you companies always need help selling stuff so there you go now the last business degree .

i want to talk about is accounting okay i will specify if you are interested in accounting um make sure you’re good with numbers okay make sure you’re good with numbers you’re also going to need to learn some accounting law of course you’re going to need to learn what the tax laws are to do accounting right .

so there is stuff like that but accounting degrees can pretty easily be earned in less than a year so if you’re interested in accounting it’s a really good degree to have and you’ll likely always have a decent job it is a field that changes frequently like as you see as you can see when you go to your taxes there are all these different tax softwares where you can do your taxes at home by yourself and you don’t need an accountant but big companies will always need accountants so there will be job openings for business type accounting if that’s something you’re interested in now.

next i want to go into health care degrees the options are a little bit more limited with health care but i’ll give you some stipulations okay a lot of people that go into health care they want to be doctors or surgeons or really really specialized healthcare employees and here’s something that’s pretty cool is that these degrees that i’m about to talk about what a lot of people do is they’ll accelerate one of these degrees and use these degrees as their undergrad and then they’ll transfer into medical school and go into medical school the traditional way okay.

so instead of going getting your undergrad in four to six years you can get your undergrad in a matter of months then transfer over into medical school and you’re saving yourself a few years on the front end of your of your college journey so as you can’t accelerate medical school or becoming a doctor or a surgeon you can accelerate a lot of the undergrad work so the first thing i want to talk about is going to be health care administration type degrees or healthcare management degrees okay so this can be anything from learning how to run a hospital and be at the head of a hospital and these healthcare management degrees you can also go on and get your mba your master’s in business administration in healthcare management and you can get both and you can accelerate both okay.

so if you’re into healthcare management you can get it done really really quickly and get some pretty cool jobs with this degree but you can also get a health care management or an administration type health care degree and then transfer over into medical school and you can learn the business side of health care and then you can go learn caring for patients and being a doctor or a surgeon or whatever and you can have the knowledge of both the cool thing about this is a lot of doctors and a lot of surgeons they have their own practices and they do need to learn those skills to to run those practices right so it can be a really good fit for undergrad work as well now.

if you do want to work with patients but you don’t have years of your life to give to medical school and things like that nursing is a very good degree to have nurses make pretty good money and you can accelerate your nursing degree so you literally can become a registered nurse in like less than a year and then you can go on in another six to 12 months and earn your bsn and your bsn is essentially it’s being a registered nurse and having a bachelor’s degree in nursing on top of that and it’s kind of like a one status level higher of nurse so you can get better jobs and more promotions and things like that so these are the two health care degrees i want to talk about these health care administration type degrees you can go into specific degrees where you’re doing like data stuff like analyzing data or .

you’re doing book work or bookkeeping things like that there are different types of administration degrees but these are the general fields in the healthcare industry where you can accelerate college degrees and get into those fields a lot faster now let’s dive into some technology degrees okay technology is always growing it’s a really good thing to have knowledge in right the first one i want to talk about is it okay like your traditional information technology degree or an it management degree okay you can get jobs with big companies running i.t departments and things like that and you can get these bachelor’s degrees in under a year as well now the next and this one’s getting big and it’s pretty popular right now and that’s cyber security it’s basically taking big computer networks for companies and protecting them so that they don’t get hacked and things like that okay.

so if you’re wanting to learn about the protection side or the security side of technology cyber security is a pretty popular field right now and you can earn a degree in less than a year so that’s really good news right the next is going to be uh like technology data analytics or data management so if you’re into the data stuff you accelerate these degrees very quickly as well and another degree i’m a big fan of this degree and it is computer science okay computer science a really popular degree right now and basically it’s i i would compare it to like a problem solver in the technology world so if you’re working with technology and you’re you like technology and you’ve got a problem solving brain computer science degrees can open a lot of doors for you and get you some pretty cool jobs .

so if that’s interesting to you you can go do some research on what types of jobs you can get with a computer science degree and you can accelerate these degrees really really quickly like in as little as six months so that’s very very cool as well now another really popular uh technology degree right now is software development basically coding and building new uh computer softwares or phone apps and and things like that they’re all the cool software and applications that we use um people build those and if you want to learn how to build that kind of stuff software development could be a really cool degree for you now the last i guess section of of degrees .

i want to talk about are teaching degrees okay and the first one is going to be elementary education and obviously the more advanced students you teach the the more advanced principles you need to learn in college right so teaching elementary school children uh the college curriculum is going to be definitely easier than if you’re trying to be a college professor and teach mathematics in college or something like that so that that would be a good example teaching degrees the more the higher level students you teach the harder the degree is going to get but these elementary education degrees they’re very easy so if you want to be a teacher like an elementary school teacher um.

you can you can literally get this done in a matter of months get your college degree and get a job as a teacher okay the next thing i want to talk about is special education okay there are lots of i mean there’s a huge need for special ed teachers all across the entire country there are special needs needs children in pretty much every school in america they’re they’re just kids with learning disabilities and special needs across the board that need help it’s a it’s a very noble profession uh if you like serving and working with with children in these situations um there’s gonna be a a job need for you as as well so you can accelerate those degrees really really quickly the next is going to be science education okay.

and you can get science education degrees in all sorts of different types of sciences okay from from physics to biology to to chemistry all sorts of different science based education degrees you can earn these degrees really quickly so if you have a specific interest in sciences it’s a good thing to get into and the last degree i want to talk about is mathematics and you might be thinking ah math is hard well it is hard for a lot of us but there are a lot of people that are really really good at math and it comes naturally if you want to be a math teacher you can earn a mathematics teaching degree in less than one year which is which is just amazing right now these degrees you can all earn in under a year .

and i will add that there are more degrees these aren’t the only degrees you can earn in in as little as a year um you can earn more than this okay these are just like the most popular easy degrees that that i’ve come up with if you know of any others feel free to leave them below in the description the last thing i want to talk about is how in the world can you earn these degrees in under a year right because colleges and universities they want us to follow their four plus year degree plans and follow their path to graduation well sadly if we follow their path to graduation it’s going to take us four plus years to earn a bachelor’s degree and this is a kind of a little secret colleges hide from you four years .

is not the average the average bachelor’s degree graduate graduate takes more than six years to earn a bachelor’s degree it takes a long time right if we follow the college’s path for us it’s going to take us years and years to earn our college degree but there is an alternative okay each of these degrees there are paths where you can test out of your college classes testing out you’ve probably heard of testing out of college classes before it sounds a lot more difficult than it is it in fact is much easier than you would even imagine the trick is you need to find a college that’s off that offers a program that will allow you to test out of your classes the the easiest way to do this .

there are a couple different ways to do this you can purchase tests online through third-party services like clep if you’ve ever heard of clep testing that in my opinion is the harder way to accelerate a college degree the easiest way in my opinion starts with step one finding a competency based education program competency based education is essentially if you know the material you get to take the test and you move on to the next class well the cool thing is you can skip all the textbooks all the homework all the quizzes all that stuff and you can just learn what you need to learn and move on it’s that simple right now this test colleges that offer programs like this they don’t actually want you to graduate in less than a year because the longer you’re in school the more tuition you have to pay right.

so unfortunately they do not show you exactly how to do this what i’ve done is i’ve created a video training it’s absolutely free where i walk you through the three-step process of accelerating your degree i call this process degree hacking and if you’d like to learn the exact three-step process that i used to earn an entire bachelor’s degree in just nine months i’m going to leave a link to a free training right down below in the video description to access the video description if you’re on your phone all you have to do is tap on the title of the video right below and it will open up the video description and there will be a link right in there where you can go watch this free training like i said it’s totally free .

no strings attached you can go and watch that and learn exactly how to graduate in a matter of months instead of years and my hope is that this training helps you graduate even faster than i did that would be wonderful and yeah so click that link watch the free training i hope you’ve loved the video i hope it’s opened your eyes and opened your mind to faster ways to earning college degrees this process is legit i promise that it’s it’s life-changing colleges don’t want you to know about this because they you don’t have to pay as much tuition if you graduate faster and they want you to pay more tuition right but people have been using processes like this for decades colleges just kind of hide this away from us because they don’t want you to use it i’m more than happy to teach you how click the link down below .

if you have any questions just please let me know in the video description and like the video if you want to see more videos just like this subscribe to the channel and you’ll start seeing more really cool article where i teach you how to graduate and earn your college degree faster while saving a whole lot of money in tuition i hope you have a wonderful day and i will talk to you in the next article.

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